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About Patrick Chester

A respected speaker in the Washington area, Patrick Chester works diligently to end the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction.


“After speaking to a group, I was approached by an older, blind, gentleman. He explained to me that his son was struggling with addiction and my words moved him to ask for my help. I met with his son and simply talked to him, told my story. It made an impact, and with his family’s help he was in treatment two days later. His life was in ruins and now he’s living a beautiful life of recovery, all because of a story. It’s all about the personal story and I’m blessed that I have a story to tell. I found my purpose in life on this journey.”

For those on the path to recovery, Patrick Chester offers three fundamental suggestions:

Make time for YOU every day, whether it’s meditation, exercise, reading, prayer.

Find a local meeting group and go to those meetings. The more you surround yourself with those in recovery, the stronger you’ll be.

Recovery is for life. Your life will never be the same as it was, but it can be better with recovery.

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